Tea that Tastes of Tea, Not Wood

Tea that Tastes of Tea, Not Wood

In compliance with FSSAI directions, the use of wood shall always be kept to a minimum in the factory.

For the safety of every cup of Eastea tea, the use of wooden pallets is replaced with stainless steel or plastic pallets in a phased manner.

Any wooden pellets that remain that are yet to be replaced are checked for the purpose of fitness for intended use and shall be checked for insect infestation regularly. Any infested wooden pallet shall not be used within the factory premise. You can be sure that all packages of Eastea tea powder contains only tea because all existing wooden pallets are free of large sharp, pointed splinters, any other potentially contaminating matter and protruding nails at the time of use, so that tea tastes like tea and not wood.

All the wooden equipment are being phased out and replaced with stainless steel. Due care is taken to ensure all wooden fixtures are maintained in proper condition.

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