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Frequently asked questions

From where do you obtain your teas?
Every blend is curated, with the finest leaves sourced from 90-120 gardens of Munnar, Valparai, Wayanadu, Nilgiris and Assam.
How are your teas packaged?
Once we've sourced our teas directly from plantations, we transport them to our cutting-edge tea facility in Kerala. Here, the teas undergo thorough cleaning, sorting, and quality testing to eliminate any impurities, dust, or foreign particles. They then undergo testing cycles, where a minimum of 1000 cups are tasted daily to maintain consistency in aroma, liquor, and flavors. Finally, the teas are packed to guarantee they stay garden-fresh and retain their unique character.
What are the shipping fees?
All orders above ₹250 are eligible for Free Shipping. For any order below ₹250, an additional charge is levied as a shipping charge, the price depends on the address of delivery.
How can I track my shipment?
Once the order is placed, you will be notified with a tracking link on your email. You can track shipment by visiting that link
Is it possible to cancel an order?
All orders placed through are processed with a very short turnaround time and hence the cancellation of orders are not possible.