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Premium Tea bags

For the mornings you miss your alarm, when you absolutely have no time, we still got you with our line of tea bags. Quick and consistent, we made sure we didn’t sacrifice on the quality because neither should you be sacrificing your Eastea.

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Eastea, Kerala’s favourite tea now comes to you in a new look and new pack with the same refreshing taste. Eastea, the premium dust tea offering from Eastea Chai, comes as Eastea Harmony tea powder and Eastea Grand tea in the black tea category. Eastea Harmony Tea and Eastea Grand also come as leaf tea. Eastea Harmony tea comes in packs of 250g, 500g and 1 KG in convenient packaging. Eastea tea powder is ideally suited for preparing traditional Indian milk tea, black tea or masala tea. Eastea Harmony Tea guarantees you that every cup of tea is flavourful, aromatic and refreshing. Since 2005, Eastea has brought all tea lovers to bond over their favourite cup of tea.